Thursday, June 08, 2006

Omen a movie you won't see me watching. It was launched on 06.06.06 - of all days! Sheesh. Heard that it was a remake of the original Omen.

GirlfriendOne: Hey, Omen's out. Let's watch it tomorrow night!
Primrose: Erm...I've got yoga
GirlfriendTwo: Friday night?
Primrose: Erm...I'm not free.
GirlfriendOne: Saturday? I know you don't work Saturdays
Primrose: Well, actually I'm not into horror
GirlfriendTwo: Ok, we'll watch it during the day
Primrose: B..bu..but it's dark in the cinema!

*GirlfriendOne bangs her head on the table*
*GirlfriendTwo says Holy Molly*

GirlfriendOne: You know, Primrose, no cinema in this world would be bright as day

Thanks but no thanks. I so not dig horror. You know, I can't even watch Michael Jackson's Thriller MTV. No brain-intestines-heart-eater-climb-out-from-grave-living-dead zombies and no blood sucking draculas for me. Ughh!

Enjoy your movie and write a review, please.

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Me too... Actually I was a fan of horror until I saw Emily Rose. That marked the end of all horror flicks for me.
Amie.Lee | Homepage | 08.06.06 - 10:57 am | #


I dare not watch any horrors unless I have people around me. But then the people around me, especiallly those in the cinema, are they REALLY people...?

*Play eerie music in the back ground*
TITOKI | Homepage | 08.06.06 - 12:53 pm | #


Go get The Constant Gardner -- Thriller NOT in Mjackson's mould, so no flighten one!
That OPEN LETTER was opened by Desi~~1/2I-3/4Eye, the sext horror movie at da cinematheque furthest from thy neighbourhood.
ylchong | Homepage | 08.06.06 - 5:03 pm | #


haha... i thought i'm the only one ;p

i don't watch horror or ghost movie unless someone sleeps with me at night, and that person also havta accompany me to the loo and stand outside wait for me. in fact if possible i'll try my best to avoid those movies. if i do watch i prefer a bunch of people to watch together and most of the time i'll hide myself behind the pillow and put my hands on my ears.

however, i'm fine with Michael Jackson's Triller, nothing scary.

as u know sometimes i work night shift i've warn my colleagues they cannot mention anything ghostly to me hah..
kruy | Homepage | 09.06.06 - 8:26 pm | #


Hi Amie, anything based on true stories freak me out.

*Joins TITOKI in humming the twilight zone*

Yes Desi, I have read the OPEN LETTER. Dare you send it to the zombie?

Same here Kruy. In the shower, I wash hair fast fast because I dare not close my eyes too long. What if I open them and there's a zombie right next to me. *shriek*
Primrose | Homepage | 09.06.06 - 11:51 pm | #


omen isnt worth the watch not scary - only use cheap scares =P
mrs jeffbuckley | Homepage | 10.06.06 - 11:29 am | #


Weh Reta, why now mrs mrs all? Hehe! Cheap scares ah? I also cannot one. Sure scream until nobody wants to admit I'm their friend. :P
Primrose | Homepage | 10.06.06 - 11:57 am | #


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