Monday, April 24, 2006


I'm talking about that ultra low, almost toy car-like motor vehicle, with unusual speed used for racing on tracks, with a one-seater that can fit small bums, with four wheels and an open framework.

I had the privilege of watching a Go-kart Competition at the Shah Alam Kart Circuit yesterday. It has been a long day though just returned from a holiday on Saturday.

In and around the man-made pits under shade. See my man over there? Thanks for bringing me to the karting circuit. I wouldn't have had the opportunity otherwise

Kart 14. Psst! That's the racer (top left) representing the state of Kuching who came in 2nd place in the Open Championship

View of the race track from the VIP box. Warm day, blue skies, puffy clouds

Ahhh, that's racer Kart 14 in full race gear

Final checks and karts in position

Let the race begin

F1 lookalike in full power

Cutting corners

A winner's parade around the kart circuit

Is this cool or what? I think cool is an understatement. I sure hope to go in a go-kart myself one day. Yeah, one fine day...

You can get more information on the Shah Alam kart circuit here.

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cool..! u get a seat in the VIP box some more. well mayb "cool" is an understatement but can't think of any other word to describe it. i wanna go-kart too!!
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