Monday, January 02, 2006

Baked beans

Have I told you that I love baked beans? Yes, the ones in ketchup and yes, the ones they usually serve on the breakfast table and yes, with toast and yes, the fart beans. Some like it plain. Some like a beaten egg in it. Others cook with potato cubes. Some don't like it at all but I love 'em cooked in garlic with minced meat!

And fussy me don't go for just any brand of canned baked beans. It must be Heinz. No Heinz, I sulk. No Heinz, I no eat. No Heinz, I pout. Fussy me can recognise non-Heinz beans by just a glance - colour of ketchup, size, shape and texture of beans and if I had to eat it, the taste of ketchup AND beans. And I mean straightaway.

So I went grocery shopping this evening and walking along the aisle of canned food, I can never resist THE beans. Besides, it was time to stock up again (excuses, excuses).

Tada! Looky at my (pyramid of) beans!

But whatdaya know? Mum went shopping someplace else too and chanced upon the Buy-3-Get-1-Free promo packs!

Looky! Looky! Not 1 but 2 promo packs! Now I've got a total of 14 cans! 14??! *faints*

La la la la la!
*makes a funny face*
*does a little skip*
*dances a funny dance*

BeanZ meanZ HeinZ! Baked beans rawk!!
What a way to start the new year!

Note: And for baked bean lovers out there, Heinz in tomato sauce tastes the best. The one with reduced salt doesn't make a difference. The smoked baked beans tasted funny and don't bother with the one in cheesy sauce.

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*laughs* Happy lil Primrose and her beans...
raven | 03.01.06 - 6:51 am | #


i love beans too from heinz.. but so sayang.. i only eat them.. and one huge tin is hard to finish.. by one person leh.. hahha!!
Mama BoK | Homepage | 03.01.06 - 8:50 am | #


its da tooter beans! lol...

i like em on toast, mmm mmmm...
seth.frostheart | Homepage | 03.01.06 - 1:22 pm | #


oooh! someone farted ? mine with egg. Raw egg into hot beans..yummy
foodcrazee | 03.01.06 - 9:08 pm | #


raven: Yup, yup, yup!! BeanZ meanZ HeinZ. *winks*

Mama Bok: Awww...get Chloe to share it with you??

Seth: Most hotels don't serve Heinz in their breakfast buffets though.

foodcrazee: Eh! I've been eating 'em fart beans for so long I can control farts now. MUAHAHAHA! Raw eggs is yummy in almost any dish. Yum!
Primrose | Homepage | 03.01.06 - 11:19 pm | #


I quite like baked beans too. Especially with bits of chopped up fried egg and onion mixed in, with a dash of lime or lemon. Yummm...

But I'm not fussed about brands...
Yuen Li | Homepage | 04.01.06 - 7:02 am | #


And oh yeah - they're also great with fried egg on toast, or with bacon and egg (with or without toast).
Yuen Li | Homepage | 04.01.06 - 7:04 am | #


Yuen Li: With a dash of lime or lemon? Hmm, I haven't quite tried it like that before. Wouldn't the ketchup taste funny then?
Primrose | Homepage | 04.01.06 - 9:52 am | #


I love bean in ketchup too. But I've only had Yeo's and other brand so far, and I prefer Yeo's. Hmmm... must look for Heinz and see if it is my cup of beans.

I like it with egg. Scramble egg. Yum~~~ on toast.
fish fish | Homepage | 04.01.06 - 3:47 pm | #


people, eat less beans, fart less. save them polar bears.
michaelooi | Homepage | 04.01.06 - 8:51 pm | #


Actually, Baked Beans are not the cause of "wind". Not everyone who eats baked beans experiences that problem. "Wind" is caused by excessive nitrogenic bacteria (the 'bad' bacteria) in your gut and/or conversely a lack of aerobic ('good') bacteria in the gut. The 'bad' bacteria releases gas as it tries (unsuccessfully) to decompose vegetable fibre in your diet. It is for this same reason that some people get "wind" issues even from eating lettuce.

If you have a "wind" problem when eating fibrous foods, you need to bolster the 'good' bacteria in your digestive system. Begin a daily course of probiotic drinks. Initially, this will make your "wind" problem worse (just for a few days) as the new "good" bacteria population fights the "bad" bacteria, but after a couple of weeks of probiotic treatment, you'll be able to eat your baked beanZ (or lettuce or other fibrous foods) by the bucket full without the risk of social embarassment.
Friend For Life | 04.01.06 - 9:44 pm | #


As a molecular microbiologist, I feel compelled to point out that the "good bacteria bad bacteria" explanation is over-simplified, misleading and unproven (in terms of scientific rigour). But it sounds good, and I do so love consuming Yakult, Vitagen and all those other lactobacilli-containing drinks/yoghurts.
Yuen Li | Homepage | 05.01.06 - 6:36 am | #


fish fish: Yeos ah? When someone mentions Yeos, I think of Yeos curry chicken. Yum! Soft, edible bones. Delicious.

michaelooi: Heh, heh! Reminds me of a scene in "Dennis the Menace" when the crook had to eat the whole pot of beans just to find a key and his fart shot across the bonfire and lighted it up in a puff. Haha!

FFL: Hmm, if I've got wind problem, I'd just go for a massage and tell the lady I've got wind. Alternatively, old wives' tales say eat ginger or drink ginger soup.

Yuen Li: Yeah, I sooo love those yogurt drinks too! We're like kids. *winks*
Primrose | Homepage | 06.01.06 - 12:16 am | #


I love Heinz baked beans as well!! Now you made me salivate and hungry. I need to eat!! Baked beans, sausages and eggs. The perfect way to start the day!
Imran | Homepage | 08.01.06 - 3:27 am | #


this reminded me of an old 'toon I used to watch.. of donald duck having baked beans in the Artic.. hmmmmm....
cyber-red | Homepage | 10.01.06 - 12:01 am | #


Hi Imran, thanks for dropping by. Come come! I belanja you sausages with baked beans and scramble eggs, nak?

Reta: Now that you meantioned it, it reminded me of some mickey mouse disney toons dividing a miserable baked bean to share with goofy and donald too. Haha!
Primrose | Homepage | 10.01.06 - 12:12 am | #


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