Monday, December 19, 2005

Sleep 2

I know sleep is a luxurious thing for me, for now, but what I thought would be a nap of 2 hours turned out to be a sleep-throughout!

You see, I went for a nap at about 4-ish pm yesterday after dinner (yes, you read right. Dinner. That's another story I'll story you later) and I usually, automatically, almost always, will wake up about 2 hours later.

The room was pitch black but of course! I had the curtains drawn. I reached out to feel for my mobile phone somewhere around my bed because I wanted to check on the time (I don't have a clock in my room, see?) and guess what? It was 10.22pm. What? 10pm already!? I sat up on my bed with a start. Should I go for a quick milk-and-bread munch before going to bed again or should I just continue sleeping?

My temples throbbed. My head felt heavy. Body swayed. Oh what the heck! Just sleep.

Waking up this morning after about 15 hours of sleep, why is it that I still feel like sleeping? Am I that deprived or am I that deprived?

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i'll check out some gardens and see if i am gather enough 999 blue roses for a boucake for a Blues Lad'!

One hot tehtarik from 1 ASS't Gardner. -- may privatise the deprivation.
ylchong | Homepage | 19.12.05 - 12:12 pm | #


you over slept my dear... that's why *smiles*
seth.frostheart | Homepage | 19.12.05 - 1:57 pm | #


ooooooh, no wonder lah, you missed our 'appointment' last night. Hiaks!
amy chen | 19.12.05 - 2:40 pm | #


What you need is a LOOOOOONG vacation somewhere far, far away. Preferbly with a good masseur on call 24/7
raven | 19.12.05 - 3:43 pm | #


Yes, you are that deprived of sleep. Rest more. It work wonders.
chiki | 20.12.05 - 8:37 am | #


you overslept! he he is this the first time you slept that long? I used to sleep over the usual 8 hours and I still feel sleepy and my head throbbed in pain. So I usually end up sleeping all over again.

Good thing about it, you rested well. =)
arglene | 20.12.05 - 5:03 pm | #


Hi Desi, tehtarik giving me headached. Now I switched to Horlik tarik.

Hey Seth, got such thing as overslept one meh?

Aiyah Amy, ya lor. But at least I still sms and let you know ma...

Raven, what I need is a looooonnnggg PERMANENT vacation. Hehe!

Haven't seen no wonders yet, chiki.

Yes Arglene. I think it's the first time I slept this long. Most of the time, a nap's a nap. But I'm going to try it again this weekend - cos it's Christmas and I have an extra day off!
Primrose | Homepage | 20.12.05 - 11:29 pm | #


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