Sunday, October 30, 2005

Blank space [...]


Here I am staring at the screen, not knowing what to write. I have got so much running in my head I feel like screaming at the top of my voice and pulling my hair out. My weeks since I last posted have been frustrating. Right! Work bogged me and I've been running around like a furless cat. Wait a minute! That doesn't sound so right. How about a headless chicken (as if I know how it feels to be like a clucking chicken, leave alone being headless)? Heh!

All for the sake of earning my monthly moolah! Bah humbug!


How often do you re-read your text messages? How often do you re-read your text messages and wonder why new ones don't come in? How often do you wonder why new ones don't come in and feel that the silence can be deafening? How often do you feel that silence can be deafening and began to interpret the text messages differently each time? How often do you assume the different meanings and wonder why you bother to re-read them? How often?

Well, you bothered to re-read those messages because your soul somehow feeds on them like the daily bread, right? And the less you get them, the more you want to keep them.

And as though reading my mind, an sms message came for me: "Come let's go eat crap!"

Whoa! Whatever it is, I'm not eating crap nor taking in crap, thank you. Besides, I'm allergic to crabs - as will everyone else.

And this is one message I can do without. *delete*


While I was at a therapy session today a.k.a shopping, I spotted this in a pet shop:

Big iguana feeding on freshly julienned salad greens and tomatoes

And it just strikes me instantly that those of you who feeds on salads eats iguana food. Bleh!


And I've got my webcam at last.

They say that when you have nothing much to say, a signature picture for this post - Staring into Blank Space - speaks a thousand words. And with that, ladies and gentlemen, is my blank update for the month!

Happy Deepa-Raya! La la la la la!

17 flowers for this post
silence is golden

or the sound of silence

re-echo into your mindscape perhaps

help you fill in the blanks

Then you realise Adult Life is blanker
than a child's wandering/wondering ways.
They don't stare out of the window and wonder --

they just run out -- rain or shine -- to play with the Guy/girl/gay next door.

I thnnik after budding this seed,you may want to fill in the blanks with some H2)/manure for thy thirsty or hungry blooms/plants?

One tehtarik to perk thee up/or down depending whether thy eyes are looking at the sky, or at the garden below.......

Ib steal nothin' to challenge your inda, visit Desi's-lah; at least I offer tehtarik.
ylchong | Homepage | 30.10.05 - 10:34 pm | #


I think the iguana is eating healthier than I am! Of course, I could sort of see having that salad topped with some deep-fried iguana nuggets. That might be just the perfect topping!
Suzi Chen | Homepage | 30.10.05 - 10:40 pm | #


Dearie, thanks. you finally update.

Oh yes..i was busy with work too..very exhausted. yes. even we work for money but sometimes it just the job satisfaction.

I often re-read sms-ed..i still remembered i was once kept my ex text messages in my inbox..just feel so nice when i re-read again and again. when you least expect, the more will come methinks.

Btw, you have a very dark long hair with your sparkling eyes..looking at ur sexy lips again..i felt a little artistic really!

Keep in touch.cheers!
charlene | 30.10.05 - 11:01 pm | #


How are you doing..?? beside your blank update..! heheh!! nice web cam picture..!
Mama BoK | Homepage | 30.10.05 - 11:34 pm | #


Hey PrincEss, your 'staring into blank space pix looks very good
I'll be thinking of you while undergoing my retail therapy in 'Shopping Land'!
Aurora | 31.10.05 - 12:56 am | #


welcome back frances, you have been missed *smiles*
seth.frostheart | Homepage | 31.10.05 - 2:43 am | #


aiyor...what happened to you ? sure you will need some time to adapt to new environment, new people, new work, blah blah blah. dont la be a headless chicken, think of wonder chick ! good luck. i like the cat - i work for money, if you want loyalty get a dog. how much money did halle verry get paid for catwoman ?!?
Patrick Leong | Homepage | 31.10.05 - 2:34 pm | #


Oooo...7 flowers planted in less than a day. I'm so glad my garden had blooms. *MUAH*

Yes, coming over to Desi's place soon for my teh tarik, thank you.

Thanks for coming by Suzi but fried iguana with salad? Ermm...think I'll stay with Ceasar's salad.

Hey Char! Things always come when you least expect it. Ei, why don't you also put a pic of your lips (don't forget to put gloss aa).

Hi MamaBok, I've been busy (but busy is better than doing nothing, right?). The webcam's cool. I might just take more 'Staring into Space' pics. Haha!

Wei Aurora! Got internet at Shopping Land some more ah? Canggih-nya! I wish you could get me some stretties. Hehe! Hope the therapy works wonders. If not, come see me. I do the followup!

Hey Seth! *jumps jump* So schweeeet.

Aiyoh Patrick, busy ma. Ok ok! WonderChick it is then. Haha! Catwoman must have been paid lotsa fish to be WonderPussy!!! *chuckles*
Primrose | Homepage | 31.10.05 - 2:56 pm | #


Hmmm....dont be so down. Be gay daily and ur life will be full of happiness. Whats with the hand covering ? hungry meh ? *chuckle*
foodcrazee | 31.10.05 - 5:00 pm | #


You look so cute, like a school girl! Have a good break
Amber Amethryne | 31.10.05 - 5:22 pm | #


You remind me of those school girl characters in Japanese & Korean horror movies, but still cute
Amber Amethryne | 31.10.05 - 5:23 pm | #


Hey foodcrazee, not down but just hectic. That hand ah? I was resting my face on my palms, dreaming away. Hehe!

Hi Amber, welcome back to my garden (is that you, AA aka SJ?). Aiks! I'm a real timid chicken when it comes to anything horror. I read in a game magazine that they've got school girls featured to catch draculas now. New game, it seems - minus the holy water and garlic. Heh!
Primrose | Homepage | 31.10.05 - 5:47 pm | #


hmm...i do not have a sexy lips anyways..oh yes..if i had a sexy lips then i'd probably put up some lip gross (especially e shining shining like a twinkle little stars wan?hehe) coz it looks so natural methinks..
charlene | 01.11.05 - 12:29 am | #


Hey PrinCeSS, the whole 'Shopping Land' is wired (or wireless..) these days so its real easy to stay connected. Well yes, will look out for those stretties for you when i go visit O.R. later; YEHHH!
Aurora | 01.11.05 - 9:58 am | #


Is there something going on between you and Charlene?
Yuen Li | Homepage | 01.11.05 - 10:05 am | #


Yalor, Aurora. Shopping Land very canggih one.

H.A.H.A.V.E.R.Y.F.U.N.N.Y, Yuen Li.
Primrose | Homepage | 01.11.05 - 2:38 pm | #


cyber-red | Homepage | 04.11.05 - 11:55 pm | #


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