Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Phin yar deh

I was having a conversation with my Burmese friend yesterday evening, let's call him B, and I wanted to pull a fast one on him with some silly Burmese words I learnt.

P: Primrose
B: Burmese friend

[Amidst laughter and some silly jokes over a light dinner...]

P: Isk! You are a phin yar deh

B: Huh? What did you just say?

P: *laugh* Phin yar deh

B: *LOL* Wah, you good lar. Itchy ass!

P: *confused look* Huh? What itchy ass? Who?
[thinking that he meant me]

B: Phin yar deh. Itchy ass.

P: OMG! *wide eyed* Your brother said it meant 'ugly pig'!

B: Who? My brother? What did he say?

P: He just told me to say phin yar deh to you, means ugly pig. You won't get offended.

B: *LOL* Never believe a word he says. Eh Primrose, don't say phin yar deh too loudly, you know. It actually means 'my anus is itchy'. People will look at you funny.

P: Eeeeeeeekkk!!! So how do you say your anus, err, ass is itchy?
*a bulb lighted above my head*

B: Phin yar ni lar

P: Really? *cheeky grin* Phin yar ni lar *pointing at B*

B: Ei, you so soe dare!

P: Pasap pake! Sa! *pointing at the food, motioning him to eat*

B: *LOL* Naughty pututu

P: You pututu! I'm ma chaw minn tha mee

B: You're improving, minn tha mee...

P: I am! *delighted* Ni chi sa me lar... *LOL*

B: Tsk, tsk, tsk! Soe dare pututu!!

In burmese:
pasap pake: shut up
sa: eat
soe dare: naughty
ma chaw: pretty lass/gal
minn tha mee: princess
pututu: little kid (not everybody fits this category. Only cute ones) *winks*
ni chi sa me lar: (basically means) you eat shit

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hey! primrose is my mothers name :P
nicktay | Homepage | 22.06.05 - 7:51 pm | #


nick also left the same msg on my board haha! v=do4

just sign up and come!!
cyber-red | Homepage | 22.06.05 - 9:00 pm | #


mingalarbar Minnthamee(mi so),

hahaha( can't stop laughing all I'm thinking now is anus eeek!)
Next time I'm gonna act like my bro. I will laugh more at u. No wonder his wife can't

By the way, I will send you either a lyric or mp3, I'm sure 100% that you will love it. Still doing it ok. Rather than Roses & chocolats.
pisi | 22.06.05 - 9:34 pm | #


Really, nicktay? Edelweiss is another nice flower name for a lady.

Hi Reta, I saw Nick's name signed up. Aiyah, I shy shy lah! You better post nice nice pics, ok?

Mingalabar, pisi. Laugh so much, wait till you get a stitch. Don't you dare teach me words with wrong meanings like your bro. Kill you! Oooo, more mp3? Chay zu tin ba dare.
Primrose | Homepage | 23.06.05 - 12:44 am | #


wah. you can speak burmese eh. pututu minn tha mee, how about handsome prince ?
Patrick | Homepage | 23.06.05 - 2:12 pm | #


Geee... this is fun. ^_^ Yanchan ohime sama.
fish fish | Homepage | 23.06.05 - 2:47 pm | #


Wah Patrick, handsome prince I don't know how to say wor. Let me learn and then I write and tell you. :P

Aiyaya, fish fish. Me no understand nihon-go wor.
Primrose | Homepage | 24.06.05 - 9:58 am | #


Heheh!! that's funny..!!
MrsT | 24.06.05 - 2:25 pm | #


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