Thursday, January 13, 2005


Everyone's getting hitched these days. Heh! TL too. And just as she made it public, she gave me a piece of advice:

There's always someone for everyone out there. Getting 'hitched' is a big gambling step. Anything can happen even to the best or happiest couple (look at Brad Pitt? He just split up with Jennifer Aniston). There will also always be someone better for you even when you are attached. The key lies in the basket of commitment, loyalty, trust, love...the truth is, we got to work hard at staying in love and being in love. Don't give up. Love is worth waiting for. Don't go looking for it either. It's there, open your eyes and heart...

*aww, so touched*

Congrats, TL!

And just the other day, I popped the question about having kids to TL. And she spoke her mind once more:

In as much as I could relate to the Rachel Green in "Friends", I find myself at this current cross-road too. Whether to remain single and enjoy life to the max or get married and have kids. Guess it's the kids part that got me to take the second option. I think life would be a lot more complete and balanced that way for me....otherwise, why get hitched to one man when you can have more fun being single? At some point in time, age will catch up with us and we will then reliaze how everyone else have got their own families and lives to things cannot always contain the same kind of fun and pleasure. Perhaps our future generation can take on where we have left them a legacy?

Quote, unquote:
"Why get hitched to one man when you can have more fun being single?"

Hmm, I like what she just said. *snigger*

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Friend for Life: Hmm... then I'll have to keep on waiting till it comes.
Primrose | Homepage | 24.01.05 - 1:15 am


"Why get hitched to one man when you can have more fun being single?"

Because fun is fleeting, but love is for life.
Friend For Life | 15.01.05 - 1:56 pm


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