Friday, December 03, 2004


I was surfing aimlessly yesterday night when I thought I'd try eBay Malaysia (it's just been launched). Guess what was in there amidst stuff for sale?? Gmail invites!!

I mean, yes, you don't get a gmail account unless you get invited by friends who already owns them for a while but gmail invites for sale??? This is just so pathetic!

Guess how much they were worth? There were some selling each invite for as "cheap" as $1.25 and there were some selling all 6 invites for $100. Sheesh, ridiculous!

In any case, I have got gmail invites for free. Email me or post me a message should you want to have one. Imagine 1000mb of free storage space!

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Yes.. pretty pathetic...!
MrsT | Email | 09.12.04 - 3:38 am


Hi Yuen Li, glad you dropped by. :) Hmm, we can try to be pathetic like those sellers on eBay and see if we have peanuts to share later. :) Kidding too!
Primrose | Email | Homepage | 08.12.04 - 2:29 pm


Hmmm... *thinks*... Hmmm... Can I sell off your Gmail invites? :)

Hehe, just kidding. :)
Yuen Li | Email | Homepage | 07.12.04 - 8:26 pm


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