Friday, December 10, 2004

Baby boy or a baby girl

Sperms consist of X & Y spermatozoa: X spermatozoon decides the female whereas Y is the male. Referring to these physiological properties of the spermatozoa, gynecologists set up the theory of the "Choice of a girl or a boy".

1st factor: Food
If you want a baby girl:
Husband must eat more alkaline food, wife eats more acidic food.
If you want a baby boy:
Husband eats more acidic food, wife eats more alkaline food.
Alkaline food: vegetables, fruits, egg white, milk, algae, etc.
Acidic food: meat, seafood, etc.

2nd factor: Timing (When to do it)
If you want a baby girl:
Frequent copulation during pre-ovulation period.
If you want a baby boy:
Copulating just before ovulation or just after ovulation. How to confirm ovulation period: Body temperature increases

3rd factor: Penetration (How to do it)
If you want a baby girl:
Husband to avoid deep penetration in the female vagina during copulation.
If you want a baby boy:
Deep penetration by the husband is suggested.
Characteristics of X & Y spermatozoa
- X: Marathon runner with good stamina
- Y: Sprinter but poor stamina
So, with deep penetration, the chances for Y to reach destination will be higher.

4th factor: Stimulation
If you want a baby girl:
Wife should avoid stimulation during copulation. Secretion from female vagina becomes alkaline when stimulated, therefore this promotes the activity of Y spermatozoon.
If you want a baby boy:
Husband ejaculates after wife has been stimulated.

5th factor: Wife’s Preparation
If you want a baby girl:
Rinse the vagina with solution dissolving 2 spoonfuls of white vinegar in 1 liter of water (since an acidic condition decreases activity of Y spermatozoon)
If you want a baby boy:
Rinse the vagina with solution dissolving 2 spoonfuls of soda in 1 liter of water.

6th factor: Positioning
If you want a baby girl:
Female to be on the top position & male to be on the bottom position.
If you want a baby boy:
Male to be on the top position & female to be on the bottom position. This posture allows the Y spermatozoon to reach the destination faster.

Let's see now. I would have loved to have a baby girl and name her Faith but being allergic to seafood and would have liked deep penetration (duh, how can a person have sex without) and would have wanted stimulation (duh again, how can there be sex without foreplay - well, I assume there *should* be foreplay), all that denotes a baby boy. Guess the only other ways to have control over a baby gender would be the positioning and the preparation. Sheesh!

Weird, weird - this is all too weird!!

Hail ye, hail ye, care to share your two cent's worth and tell me if any of the above is true?

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our parents are wiser. they do what always work; at least statistically. the law of statistic states that production outcome tends to a normal distribution if n>30.

boy or girl, keep the numbers coming, and you won't go wrong. you will have enough of both.

our parents are still wiser. why fight nature.
esac | Email | 23.12.04 - 9:51 pm


Friend for Life & MrsT: Yes, I agree that any gender would do. Psst! I secretly hope to get twins.

Liz: Hmm, really? Interesting. the good vs bad bit. My cousin's "good" but still got a girl and another good friend's "good" too but no boy. So yea, maybe it's the pollution bit.

fish fish: Hi there, thanks for dropping by.
Primrose | Email | Homepage | 15.12.04 - 1:33 am


Gee... I know bout ur site from Mrs. Tweety's blog. Heee... wat a good new learning for me for a 1st time visit. Maybe I should tell my brother how to get a baby gal next then. :P
fish fish | Email | Homepage | 14.12.04 - 5:31 pm


Hehehehe!! Very interesting .. But what will be.. will be.. for me..
I'm just happy and blessed to have Chloe.
MrsT | Email | 12.12.04 - 5:44 am


Baby Ramblings
I know this is way too scientific, but supposedly female fetuses (feti?) are more resilient than male fetuses, so if you want a girl be sure to do all kinds of bad things while pregnant so you have a girl. (Bad air, smoking, etc.) If you want a boy treat yourself like a temple and he will be fine. Supposedly this is why there are more females than males (or is it only in North America that this is the case?) Is NA more polluted than the rest of the world? (All that American Hot Air . . .oops, did I say that out loud?) 8P
Liz | 10.12.04 - 10:14 pm


Without intentionally aiming for a boy or a girl, the odds of getting what you want are very close to 50%. (Very marginally increased probability of a boy.)

My estimate is that, by paying close heed to the special diet, position and other factors to influence the choice of gender, those odds will rapidly change to something in the order of 1 in 2.

Does that change really warrant taking all the fun out of it? I don't think so. When you are ready to add pregnancy and parenthood as new dimensions in your life, just enjoy every part of the experience from conception to birth and beyond for all it is worth.

Whether you have a boy or a girl is less important than the incomparable love, the joy, and even the surprise of the occasion shared between mother, father and child.
Friend For Life | 10.12.04 - 8:00 pm


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