Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Tough world

Relationships are volatile. We are forced to make gut-wrenching decisions in life. Choices, choices! Sometimes the right ones. In my case, most times the wrong ones. Circumstances are rarely ideal.

I play with fire, brought some matches and kerosene, and wore acrylic clothes for good measure. Should I be surprised that I’ve created an inferno?

It's a tough world!

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Dear Friend for Life, those ARE such BEAUTIFUL verses. Thank you so much for those meaningful words. Bless you!
Primrose | Email | Homepage | 14.11.04 - 12:33 am


hmmm.... Looks like I should have posted Part Two first so that it would appear AFTER Part One... Oh well. Just scroll down to Part One first, then scroll back up for Part Two.
Friend for Life | 13.11.04 - 8:31 pm


(Part Two)

There's an assurance you need, so there's a promise I repeat today.
Although in this cesspool of a world filled with trouble and strife,
Some words can mean many things, please don't misunderstand when I say -
You have a friend here who will love you for life.

Throw away those matches and that can of kerosene,
Danger will find you easily anyway because you're an adventuress
You don't need acrylic, you should be in silk because you know what I mean,
That you are and always will be to me, a PrincEss.
Friend for Life | 13.11.04 - 8:29 pm


(Part One - too long for a single message)

Life sure *is* tough, dear PrincEss,
This world is a cesspool of trouble and strife.
But hold on to your faith in this present darkness with awareness,
For there *will* come an honourable man who'll be proud to call you his wife.

As for that day, dear PrincEss,
I know not when, I know not who,
But the dampness you now feel in the shadows of this valley,
Is giving birth to the lilies that will bloom for you.

Be wise not to be hasty with your heart while you wait,
Let everything fall into place in its own way and time.
Know deep inside you, your virtue it is great,
Hold on and believe - you'll find love sublime.

(to be continued in Part Two.)
Friend for Life | 13.11.04 - 8:28 pm


Nay, take it easy. Don't think you've created an inferno anywhere to date. Burnt the toast, maybe. Inferno? I doubt it. Don't be too hard on yourself. Relax. Move on.
Nelson | 10.11.04 - 11:45 am


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