Friday, November 19, 2004

All that and shopping therapy

Scenario One
Late nights at her place for the past two nights.
Arduous internet searches for samples.
Numerous drafts with scribbles everywhere.
A pool of crumpled paper.
Many phonecalls for help.

I have agreed to be the Master of Ceremony for a good friend's wedding this Sunday. With so many festive holidays in the last week, I was just too lazy to start working on it till just two days ago. Eeek, I haven't done one before. I mean, presentations, yes but wedding speeches? This will be my first. Good exposure, good experience. Thank goodness that it won't be a lengthy one. The final draft will be confirmed tonight.

Scenario Two
Spulrge, spulrge, spulrge!
Spend, spend, spend!
Swipe, swipe, swipe!
The evil of plastic!

I have been indulging in the 3 S's. Help! I have nothing decent to wear and I'm expected to be on stage. Err, of course, I shouldn't outshine the bride but what should I do with my hair? What about makeup? No shoes. No dress. No accessories. And the theme on the dinner night? Oriental.

The shopper's bug got into me and I bought:
Two cheongsams @ $179.00 each (oh you know, the same design in two different colours would last a few occasions)
A pair of earrings @ $39.90 (to go with the evening glamour)
A ring @ $29.90 (err, I couldn't resist this one)
A bracelet @ $39.90 (to complement the earrings, perhaps?)
A pair of kitten heels @ $62.91 (it's already on sales!)
Two hair bun pins @ $19.95 each (sweeping the hair up into an old-fashioned knot will need *some* touch-up pins, yes?)
A pedicure @ $40.00 (uhmm, open-toed shoes, you see)
A trim @ $33.00 (it's time for one anyway)

At the rate that I'm spending, I could have been the bride-to-be!! And surprisingly, I'm in a good mood. :)

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It must be a very traditional English wedding for the best man to wear a "coat". Havent seen many locals wearing that long-tail thing !
Travel Lurker | Homepage | 25.11.04 - 11:17 pm


Well, one can be political about these kind of things. This friend of mine is a very close friend. I didn't want to burden him further as he has already a lot to pay for for the wedding. And since I need to do some Christmas shopping, the wedding was a perfect excuse for me to splash some money on myself for a change.
Nelson | 22.11.04 - 7:59 am


Nelson: *giggle* Ok, that's a very expensive list indeed but as the best man, wouldn't your suit be paid for by the groom?
Primrose | Email | Homepage | 22.11.04 - 1:28 am


Good for you. Public speaking is always good for the heart & mind.

Actually being the best man is the worst - a de facto wedding planner.

Shopping? Here's my best man shopping list:

1. 1 coat c/w pants - $700.00
2. 1 pr of shoes - $300.00
3. 2 pcs of l/s shirts - $200.00
4. 2 pcs of neckties - $200.00
5. Haircut - $8.00 - Indian barber. After all the spending, this is all that I can afford.
Nelson | 19.11.04 - 5:32 pm


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