Thursday, November 04, 2004

My gem horoscope

Wow, another one of those analysis of me, a Libran. Tell me if you agree with this because I quite agree (not all though) ...

Opal or aquamarine (Libra) (I always thought I was a saphire)

You like: Pretty ornaments, cuddly toys, romance and candles. (Not cuddly toys)

You dislike: Loud computer games, wrestling, yesterday's fashions and being lonely.

You're best at: Patching up problems between mates, always seeing both sides of the story and surrounding yourself with beautiful things and people.

Deep down: You yearn to find your soul mate - the one man who will sweep you off your feet and ride into the sunset on a big white horse. Love and relationships are what matter to you most. (Soul mates?)

Your career: In keeping with your caring nature, choose veterinary science, teaching or medicine. (I'm neither and I'm not sure if I have enough patience to be a teacher)

Fashion: You like clothes with a sexy, feminine feel (Yes indeed. Anything to make me feel like a princEss). You love frills and flounces but won't wear them unless they're in fashion. You look good in a variety of colours from bright red and navy to softer, more pastelly shades. When it comes to accessories, you like jewellery but it has to be discreet and understated. No tiaras for you, thanks very much!

As a mate: You will go to any lengths to avoid tiffs and hate it when a friendship breaks up. Your mates find you interesting and objective but they get frustrated when you can't make up your mind. Mostly though, they think you are trustworthy and terrific. (I can be very indecisive but yes, trustworthy and terrific)

As a girlfriend: You love being part of a couple and will work your socks off to keep things calm and cosy. Arguments bother you so you would rather avoid an issue than knuckle down and sort it out. (I may avoid or go into hiding BUT I am normally very straightforward and would take the direct approach first). You are happiest when everything's rosy and crumble into a tearful heap when it's not.

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