Sunday, May 16, 2004

Zap it!

Two blouses, a skirtsuit, a skirt - $620.50 *zapped to my Visa*
Two KOOKI handbags - $70 *zapped to my Visa*
I paid in cash for my Starbucks Chocolate Cream Frapuccino - $12.60
A PURE shift dress - $103.92 *zapped to my Visa*
A black leather giant tote bag - $60 *zapped to my visa*
A bottle of BODYSHOP Grape Seed Dry Oil Mist - $29 *zapped to my Visa*

This credit card thingy could get addictive.

Of course I wasn't shopping for myself (but I had a blissful time swiping away, that's for sure). Thank goodness I was only shopping for my younger sis who was going to start her first job soon. I hope dad's going to reimburse me in some ways. *snigger*

Plastic ... is a one-way ticket to credit card debts!

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