Saturday, May 01, 2004

Thief! Thief! (help or yelp)

F: friend

*bag snatched*
*gave a yelp and fell to the ground*
*stood up and just stared at the kancil driving away*
*stared blankly into space*
*stared blankly into F's face*
*blink blink*

Couldn't believe it! Just 4 hours ago, standing at my car, with my car keys in hand, ready to open my car door when a kancil with 4 men was approaching, driving really near to F and I. In a split second, with the man stretching out from the passenger window, it happened! For the first time in my life, I experienced the snatch! Ughh!

Oh, why didn't I sling my bag on the other shoulder?
Oh, why did I sling it in the first place when I could have held it in my hands?
Oh, why didn't it occur to me that a snatch was going to take place?
Oh, why didn't I get into my car a second sooner?
Oh, why wasn't I holding my pepper spray? (duh)
Oh, why didn't F do something? (shut up, Primrose, be grateful someone was there with you)
Why, oh why?


Thank goodness I wasn't dragged on the ground
Thank goodness for just a knee fall and some grazes
Thank goodness for my bad quality bag whose strap snapped as soon as it was pulled
Thank goodness I didn't have to be sent to the hospital
Thank goodness I wasn't kidnapped (or worse, got raped!!)
Thank goodness my car keys and my house keys were with me


Damn these snatch thieves. They have actually upgraded themselves from snatching on motorcycles to driving those damn kancils now. I must have appeared a deliciously helpless target that night. There I was calling my banks, cancelling my bank cards. Then, proceeded to the police's little caravan for up to almost 2 hours reporting my loss and taking down statements. And guess what the police said to me?
"Ini takde apa-apa. Hari tu, orang tu masuk ICU". Damn! So what did the police tell the poor soul in the ICU? Did he say "Ini takde apa-apa. Hari tu, orang tu mati". These police! *smack smack* Should go for some real customer service training!

*pulling hair*

Arggh! It was an uneventful Friday indeed. And to add to my frustrations, a Bank Holiday will be observed till next Tuesday. I shall be quite, quite helpless and powerless without plastic for a while.


Only consolation:
I get to shop for a new phone (yipee, yipee, yay, yay!)
I get to shop for a new lip gloss, a new lipstick and a new blusher
I get to shop for a new coin purse (maybe I have a spare somewhere)
I get to shop for a new wallet (or choose from the many in my collection of wallets)
I get to shop for a new bag (then again, I've got many lying around somewhere)