Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Shopping day

Hah! It's splurge day. Besides, I have a reason to shop. Now, where's my checklist?

I get to shop for a new phone (yipee, yipee, yay, yay!)
After walking from counter to counter, I can't really make up my mind on the model I liked better.
I have expensive taste. It's either the Motorola, Samsung or Nokia.

I get to shop for a new lip gloss, a new lipstick and a new blusher
Yes, lip gloss from BodyShop - $14.90. Checked.
Yes, Moisture Sheer Tender Mauve lipstick from Clinique - $60. Checked.
Yes, Rich Texture Rich Plum blusher from Clinique - $82. Checked.

I get to shop for a new coin purse (maybe I have a spare somewhere)
Hey, I've got a spare for this one. Settled for a beige, cotton zip purse I bought from Thailand.

I get to shop for a new wallet (or choose from the many in my collection of wallets)
Nah, don't need another new wallet. I've got lots to choose from my own collection. Settled on a beige (again) ESPRIT one, my favourite colour and brand.

I get to shop for a new bag (then again, I've got many lying around somewhere)
Again, I've got lots of spare ones. Decided to re-use my black, soft leather BRAUN BUFFEL sling (*gasp* Sling again?)

Since I've got spares for the last 3 items, I made some impulse splurges.
I got myself a beige (again) mini make-up pouch - $7.90.
I got myself a beige (again) RENOMA key pouch - $55.30.
I got myself a lilac mini-style panty *grin* - $15.90
I got myself a pair of sandals - $34.95

What? Am I not allowed to shop and pamper myself? 'Sides, I didn't ask for my bag to be snatched. Heh!