Friday, April 16, 2004

Me or Love?

Current emotions: Confused
Random observations: Could it be love? Bah humbug!

If love is but an exploration
I will want to discover the new in depth
If love can only be in flesh and in mind
I will want to devour, pray tell, if it is mine

Am I against chance, am I against time
Am I against will, or am I against prime
If I can hold my present self in view
Let the constant change be kept in seal

I'm just feeling so down and moody today - somewhat restless, somewhat disturbed, somewhat frustrated, somewhat discomposed, somewhat ... in love? Or in lust?


I may be trying to regain a sense of self.
I may be trying to regain and re-build that self-esteem and pride I once oozed.
I may be trying to regain the faith I have lost in people over the past couple of years.
I may be trying to learn how to love and be loved again.
I may be trying to break down the walls I have built around me (to protect myself from being hurt).

I don't know where my life will take me nor do I know where it is leading...oh, can someone please take charge?