Saturday, December 13, 2003

Riverdance - The Show

Wow, spectacular! I just came home from watching Riverdance, the biggest production of Irish dance and music, "comprises more than 70 performers and musicians on stage and a total of 120 company members culled from different corners of the globe". [quote: The Star, Dec 2003]

The Celtic chanting, Irish step dancers and soloists were remarkable. The show blended many cultures; scenes were dedicated to Russian, African-American, Spanish and, of course, the Irish heritage. The choir performed songs from the original group, Anuna, an Irish choir devoted to reproducing Irish songs from ancient and medieval times. "Riverdance's" musicians stole the show and the fiddle and uillean pipes soloists were superb.

I must say that it was worth my $151.00 ticket. And...guess what?

Eric: E
Primrose: P

[mobile phone rings]

P: Hi, E, how are you?
E: Hey hey hey (E's signature greeting)! Weh, what are you doing tomorrow night ah?
P: Well, nothing planned basically. Why?
E: Wanna go Riverdance ah?
P: *excited squeal* You know what? In fact, I'm just driving out of the concert hall carpark. I have just watched it. Hey, it's really good!
E: I've got lots of VIP free ticket passes (enticing tone) - they cost $200.00. C'mon, don't waste it.
P: (pause) Actually ... I don't mind watching it again. Is it for 8.30pm tomorrow?
E: Yup, game?
P: Yup! You come pick me up?
E: At 7.45pm, ok?
P: Kewl!


Can you believe it? In less than 24 hours, I'm going to Riverdance for a second time! La la la la la! Call me mad but I'm mesmerized!

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