Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good to be One

Motherhood has kept me extremely busy, not to mention how it just saps the energy out of me. Breastfeeding added into the strain but I am not complaining when I know I'm giving her the best. I am still expressing on-the-go (on the job) and it surprises me how well I have done in the past one year. *Giving self a pat on the back* It's good to be one! Mummies-to-be, don't ever complain that you have no milk. Yes, the journey of breastfeeding ain't going to be easy but hey, with determination, willpower and discipline, you know you have it and you can do it!

Cliché but true. They grow up too fast. Kimberly has just celebrated her 1st birthday a couple of weeks back and it must feel good to be one too! :)

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Friend For Life said...

My wholehearted congratulations to mommy PrincEss and to little Princess Kimberly.