Saturday, June 10, 2006

Road joy

I feel happy and proud of myself. Heck, I didn't get lost for going to a girlfriend's house using an entirely different route for the first time, which is actually nearer from home (point A) but never ventured.

More often than not, when I know I was going to use a new route to get to point B, it will either be the adventure of the day or I will go a day earlier to circle the area. I have tried driving to a new place three times before the actual day itself just to make doubly sure. But the easiest is just to pick up the phone and ask for live guidance. And if I get lost, which has happened quite a few many times, I will also just pick up the phone and ask for live guidance.

My problem is, I can picture the destination I am supposed to be at. However, I either can't figure out the routes to get there or there are a few routes figured in my head but they are all halves with no reaching point.

I once ended up at Jalan Semarak because the route I usually use to go home was closed for some parade and I could only look up to the sky for the tip of twin towers to guide me out to the city again. Now, I know where Kampung Baru is and all those military training grounds.

I once ended up at Lake Gardens because all I wanted to do was to find that open-air carpark around Masjid India. Ahh, Lake Gardens anyone?

I once ended up in USJ Subang because I took the wrong highway for wanting to go to Damansara Utama. So now I know that the Motorola Highway doesn't literally mean the highway which faces the (previously known as) Motorola building!

I once ended up circling around some dead ends for over half an hour just to get out of a housing area in PJ to get to SS2. And how I got there from Damansara in the first place, don't ask.

I once ended up paying two tolls from Sunway because I exited too early for wanting to get back onto the Federal Highway. Ahh! So that's the alternative route to Bangsar but my, my! Expensive route it was.

I once ended up at One Utama because I followed the wrong road signs for wanting to get onto the Federal Highway from Tropicana.

With so many wrong turns, roundabout turns, reverse turns and U-turns just to get to Point B, it has trained my brains to have a topographical memory now. My bearings are good and I can take myself anywhere. Well, almost anywhere as long as I can connect Points B, C and D to get to E. I still get jested by friends who don't originate from KL, yet drive like expert cab drivers in KL with roadmaps in their heads.

My mum used to tell me that all I needed is a full tank of petrol and good eyesight for roadsigns. I'd say that we should have a fully-charged mobile phone and a handsfree kit. With that in mind, I've also recently just bought myself a mobile phone car charger just to be doubly safe.

Given up on cute little me? Well, come be my chauffeur. Failing which, I will (try) to hook up with a rich man who can afford me a chauffeur.


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The more I refer to the M'sia road signs, the more confuse I become.

I'll just get my friends to draw a map for me to get to their place. But then these people like to use petrol stations as landmarks which makes me lagi lost!!!

Because every single corner you turn to, you will see Shell, Petronas and Shell, Petronas and Shell and Petronas again...

Geez. Now I'm really lost.
TITOKI | 10.06.06 - 2:17 pm | #


A unrelated entry:

I feel happeeee!
Imran | Homepage | 11.06.06 - 6:46 pm | #


I agree, Titoki. Just yesterday I wanted to get to Jln Robsons. I can see that it's on my right. But the road sign say left. I took a right anyway and got where I wanted to be. Stupid road signs.

Wah wah Imran, why happeee? Didn't eat happy raw salmon also?
Primrose | Homepage | 12.06.06 - 10:04 am | #


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