Monday, October 03, 2005


Many a times, I walk myself into a wall *ouch* and got myself a blogger's block bruise on the head. So many things I wanted to talk about and blog about daily, yet found it difficult to assemble and convene those tiny clusters of jigsawed alphabets into proper sentences.

Well, let's just say that Mary, the lazy bug caught on to me. Oh, and Spell, the migraine gave me an excuse to stay in bed the whole day. Then there was Dinah, the slow coach who asked me not to hurry up. Amidst the sluggish movements, Platter, the enormous food tempter was feeding my already bulging tummy. But I'd say that Therapy, the shopping queen had been the best because she was the only one who urged my bum to get shakin'. However, Thinning, my leather wallet was depleting in cash *ka ching, ka ching* and was nudging Swipe, my plastic Visa to come to the rescue. Practical Primrose had to come in between, smacked the both of them and pulled them by the ear to walk alongside Window, Therapy's sister who's also a great babysitter. Tsk tsk tsk!

Window and Therapy asked me to snap a picture of this. Ice cream? Nope, guess again. Interesting concept indeed!

Some random pictures. Peaceful place and nice colonial buildings. Take a stroll when you encounter a blogger's block.

Or err, torture a dog...

And music. Yes, therapeutic piano had also been giving not only my fingers better exercises than this laptop keyboard, but also my ears which fed the brains. I highly recommend music when you come across a blogger's block!

La la la la la!

Current emotion: Craving for blackforest cake and a blissful body massage
Random observation: Mum said today is the start of the 9th Emperor God whatchamacallit season? Festival? And because of that, it will rain for the next 9 days. Hmm, wonder if there's the 100th Emperor God? Blah!

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i would love a massage too..!
Big BoK | Homepage | 04.10.05 - 12:04 am | #


Oh, that poor little puppy dog!
* sad look *

PrincEss, I've really enjoyed this new post. It shows your creative style. It was a pleasure to read.

I'll volunteer to give you that blissful massage with a blackforest cake.

Big BoK - you'd like one, too? We might have to get a second blackforest cake.
Friend For Life | 04.10.05 - 12:33 am | #


Ice cream! Keyboards! Two things I miss...
Yuen Li | Homepage | 04.10.05 - 7:36 am | #


i like the way you tie your dog like that ... hmmmm ... let's wax his fur next !
michaelooi | Homepage | 04.10.05 - 12:02 pm | #


black forest cake and a body massage? i can manage that... *laughs*
seth.frostheart | Homepage | 04.10.05 - 6:47 pm | #


for that doggie all shut up -- I'll report thee to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to mBf (defined man'sBestfriend in singular/plural).

But if i get one of those cones (icecream? or french caps?) for Free, and if you play You've Got a fRiend on those funny-looking (like B&W chockies) keyboards, i'll just LET IT BE!
ylchong | Homepage | 04.10.05 - 8:27 pm | #


Hei MamaBok, looks like FFL is offering a massage session. Do you like blackforest cake? Heh, heh!

Yes, FFL. You heard of "Lazy Mary" and "Hurry Up, Dinah" stories? Because many sure haven't. Ooo...blackforest cake with cherries?

Hei Yuen Li, which flavour?

Err, you sadist ler, michaelooi. Hehe! So can wax your legs or not first?

Woi Seth! When ah when ah?

Hi Desi, I've got a friend who said exactly the same thing: To complain to some animal society but it was only for a moment, I swear. Those "ice cream on cones" are actually TIES and those "ice cream in buckets" are SHIRTS. Cool eh?
Primrose | Homepage | 05.10.05 - 1:14 am | #


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