Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I did a bit of blog-cleaning over the weekend and everything's back in order. Could have just flushed the whole blog down the toilet bowl but was given a warning that only streamline piss and blobbing/sinking poopsies can get in there. What else is foreign?

"Whoa! What are those three signs doing here?"

"Hummphh! The toilet's been blocked twice in two weeks!"

"Really? What crawled in there?"

"Neh, por-por thought she'd save herself a few trips to the dustbin. And so she threw probably 3 days' worth of toilet paper into the toilet bowl the other day."

*gasp* "3 days??"

"And your kong-kong threw toothpicks in there while cleaning his dentures after dinner over the bowl. God knows what else got stuck in those dentures!"

And so went my conversation with mum this morning about the signs in our bathroom. So Yuen Li, you've made a very good guess. *chuckles*

Note to self: Oops, I'd better not let out that I've probably thrown dental floss and bunch of hair from hair loss after shampooing in there too. Hehe!


"Hey daddy, you can't spell for nuts. What's with 'bole' and 'foriegn'?

*grumble grumble*

"I was scribbling furiously in the dark this morning. Did you know I had to flush down that toilet bowl with 4 large pails of water yesterday night because it was blocked?"

"Err, no wor. Why write 'shit' and 'urine' ah?"

"Sheesh! Old folks, see? Easy to understand. And you! You'd better not throw whatever strands of hair after shampooing in there."



Tip-toed silently back to my room upstairs and end of story.

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Hehehe!! funny sign..
Big BoK | Homepage | 30.08.05 - 3:58 pm | #


toilet bowl to plant some seeds -- to bud -- to bloom?

Hey Primrose, thanks for visiting with a supremely confident suggestion, can you come up with a bouquet of a million blue roses addreesed to GEIC of that news office in Jalan Riong, just have abot 8-1/4 hrs left to wish him hAPpy Merdeka so he's in a good mood to use Desis Five Principles?

Thanks, but you have not visited CHALLENGE 4! knotty rose, or isit bud-dy? Can I pluck a few blooms for that Oz fRiend on the way out. Exception-lah! I'm yr gardner, arent't I?
ylchong | Homepage | 30.08.05 - 4:50 pm | #


Ummm... I hope that sign's not located over the toilet in your house?
Yuen Li | Homepage | 30.08.05 - 4:56 pm | #


i assume that is a girl's toilet ?!? i am not surprise some girls actually dump their used tampons into the bowl. it happens very often in my dorm.
Patrick | Homepage | 30.08.05 - 5:05 pm | #


"i am not surprise some girls actually dump their used tampons into the bowl. it happens very often in my dorm."

Patrick, i felt somehow shy shy and irritating! c'mon girls! behave!
charlene | Homepage | 31.08.05 - 12:15 am | #


MamaBok, I laughed when I saw it too. Guess where it was? Bathroom in my house!

ylchong: Toilet bowl for smelly seeds. Heh, heh! Million buds I don't have. Million buTs for not finding an answer to challenge 4, I have. Fill in application form for gardener on your way out, eh?

Heya Yuen Li, good guess. Read update. :D

Patrick: Well, an update is up. But yeah, still don't understand how girls can be so uneducated as to flush down tampons and pads in there. Tsk tsk tsk!

Hi Charlene, thanks for coming by. Ya lor, memalukan us girls only, kan?
Primrose | Homepage | 31.08.05 - 12:26 am | #


urgh urgh urgh... thats all i can say
cyber-red | Homepage | 31.08.05 - 12:57 am | #


Patrick, you live in a female dorm ?
Friend For Life | 31.08.05 - 11:34 am | #


friend for life : it is a mix boys and girls dorm. we have meetings like twice a month. there comes the complaints and discussion. there was one occasion when stool was found in the shower room. aiks ... can you believe that ?!? i have not seen it. wonder if it belonged to the cat/dog or uncivilized dorm mate .
Patrick | Homepage | 01.09.05 - 10:10 am | #


Wooohoooo! Lao lang leh! Give face dear! hehehe!
MuscaD | Homepage | 01.09.05 - 8:10 pm | #


Hey Reta, don't lar urgh! Not funny meh? Hehe!

*LOL* I know how that is, Patrick. Uncivilised. Hummphh!

Hey Nick, long time no drop by liau. Ya lor, lau lang that's why dad posted notices and not say anything lor. Subtle hints kua...
Primrose | Homepage | 01.09.05 - 8:48 pm | #


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