Friday, July 29, 2005


I am really not a coffee drinker. Caffeine in the coffee has a strange way of making me all aflutter and getting me all hyper, though I crave for that brown sin once in a while - normally once a month. Bleh! And today is one of those days I need a little turbo to get me charging. Too much to do and only so little time a day, see? I recently took a liking to the French Vanilla Nescafe Frothe (which unfortunately is not sold in Malaysia, or at least not that I know of).

French Vanilla flavour - say, can someone tell me why it's French when vanilla comes from Mexico?

Creamy frothy coffee

It comes in a box of 6 packs for Singapore/Brunei dollar $3.00. Sure you won't get froth from stirring normal nescafe but oh well...unless you want a stubble-less, sexy bubbled moustache. And I guess the closest "flavoured" nescafe you can get would be to enhance it with "flavoured" creamer i.e. the hazelnut one.

Anyone wants to try some? I'm all generous to send you a single sachet. Would you like the irresistible blend of French Vanilla or the smooth chocolaty Mocha or the sweet buttery Butterfinger or the exquisitely nutty Hazelnut?

Feel free to email me your preference but it will only come to you at the end of August because I'm only getting them next month! :)

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Remember this?

P&Friends: We've got lots to do tonight, but soooo sleepy...

M: Sure thing. Hit the coffee.

P&Friends: Yah! Yah! Coffee to help us keep awake!

M: So, what would you like?

P&Friends: Decaf!

M: Uhm... Decaf? To keep you awake??

P&Friends: Yeah, why not?

M: ??? ...Why not indeed...


So I guess you've improved since then huh? You didn't look quite convinced when I explained to you what "decaf" meant.
M | 29.07.05 - 2:29 pm | #


*LO even L'er*
Yes, yes!! I remember that but you know why I wasn't convinced? Because (psychologically) it DID help me stay awake until the next day. :P So how to explain?
Primrose | 29.07.05 - 2:34 pm | #


And you remember what the half-glass of Bailey's did to you?

Geez the looks you friends gave me after....

Decaf to keep P awake, Bailey's to knock her right out. Only half a small glass required (we're talking shot-glass size here) - very economical!
M | 29.07.05 - 2:39 pm | #


Isk, M!!! *arms and legs akimbo* You're not suppose to reveal secrets here, ok? Hmm then again...was I red as lobster? And I passed out, didn't I? *LOL*
Primrose | 29.07.05 - 2:49 pm | #


by the way, do you know that in order to get those bubbles, they put in all sort of emulsifiers ?
Patrick | Homepage | 29.07.05 - 5:51 pm | #


Yer too generous..!! but we can get them here.. so i won't bother you ..
Big BoK | Homepage | 30.07.05 - 1:44 am | #


Hi Patrick, yes, I suppose I know but the bubbles seemed to interesting. Like making yourself a cup of cappucino.

Really BigBok? Any other flavours besides the 4 I mentioned? Maybe I'll bother you instead. *wicked grin*
Primrose | 01.08.05 - 2:15 pm | #


It was sold here in my the armpits of Borneo......I just had a nice cuppa at some friend's house last was coffee done the Mumbai sooooooo good....
lambdaori | 01.08.05 - 8:05 pm | #


Really, lambdaori????? I want! I want! *jump jump* Bring me some the next time you visit, ok?
Primrose | 02.08.05 - 6:41 pm | #


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