Thursday, September 30, 2004

State of mind

In the bleak of nothingness
Somewhat with a sad perplexity
Thoughts of deeper seclusion
Of unremembered pleasure
The picture of the mind revived
With gleams of the half extinguished
Dim and faint
Is the state of my mind

For now I stand with present pleasures
For future years I dare to hope
Wherever nature will lead
Over mountains and deep rivers
lonely streams, to a man of my dreams
An appetite, a halo above me
Is the state of my mind

I felt challenged today, to put thoughts into prose. In fact, I feel compelled to write something new each week, leave alone each day. Some days, I wonder why I even bothered to blog. Am too brain-dead to devote much time and thought over this. Whatever it is, my verses (almost always) speak volume. Appreciate my gift...

One flower for this post
Yes, I do, I do.
APpreciate thy gift.
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