Sunday, September 26, 2004

Sensual snacks

I am in the mood. I'm in the mood for foods such as oysters and chocolate. They are well known for their aphrodisiac and nutritious properties. Hmm, but I'm allergic to oysters and I go a little hyper on chocs. Maybe being hyperactive could contribute to being a little more sensual... heh!

Ok, so no oysters and choc but don't fret! Other foods not as widely acknowledged for their libido-enhancing qualities are:
Bananas - contain alkaloids which enhance mood and self confidence (my fav)
Broccoli - rich in phytochemicals which are especially helpful in enhancing woman's libido (I don't mind)
Celery - stimulates the pituitary gland in the brain which controls sex hormones. Contains two pheromones which boost arousal (lots in my tuna sandwich)
Apples - full of quercetin which helps prevent bad cholesterol from building up in the arteries (rush of blood is arousing)

How about a sex tonic to get into va-va-voom mood?
Blend and serve with ice:
55 ml papaya nectar
55 ml pineapple juice
55 ml orange juice
1 drop of kava kava (from the black pepper family)
1 drop of damiana
1 drop of red ginseng

And for garnishing, add:
1 wedge orange
1 wedge pineapple

I have no problem finding and blending papayas, pineapples and oranges but kava kava? Damiana? Red ginseng? *piang*

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