Monday, September 13, 2004


I've just been asked to make my signature lemon cheesecake for a high-tea do next weekend. Cheesecake, eh? Haven't made one for quite a few months now. Reason was because my sister got sick eating all my experimental cheesecakes. Come to think of it, I think a couple of friends and colleagues at work got sick too! Experimental? *chuckle* Yes, you read right. Experimental. Test. Trial. First time.

I made Oreos cheesecake but I used fake oreos to save a few pennies. *snigger*
I made orange cheesecake but it tasted orange-less. My mistake? I used REAL orange instead of flavouring. *sheesh*
I made chocolate cheesecake but stupid me used cooking choc instead of choc fudge. *bummer*
I made rapsberry swirl cheesecake and I think that was my best first-time. *yipee*

Another cheesecake? Better stick to lemon cheesecake.
A philadelphia cheese
A box of cream
A lemon
A pack of sweet biscuits, crushed
A block of butter
Half a bowl of castor sugar

Mix. Refrigerate. Cut. Serve.

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