Sunday, April 25, 2004

What's Up Down There?

Ok, I know we females are all experts when it comes to this but I'm in the mood to get down to basics - understanding our anatomy.

Clitoris (or clit)
This supersensitive organ is located just below our pubic bone, tucked inside the top portions of the inner lips of our vulva, or outer genitals. It's about 7.5cm long, the length of a baby carrot, although the majority lies inside our body. The part we can see is a smooth pink gland, usually the size of a pencil eraser, covered by a hood of skin. Amazingly, the clit contains between 6000 to 8000 nerve endings - about the same number as the penis. There doesn't seem to be any other function for the clit other than for our sexual pleasure.

The outer labia or labia majora, are the fleshy flaps of skin that surround the delicate parts inside: the inner lips or labia minora and the vagina. When it comes to our labia, there is no normal size. Women's lips vary greatly and while some are tucked neatly against the body, others dangle.

The walls of this 10cm long tube of muscle are so close together when relaxed that they almost touch. When sexually aroused, the walls widen by about 7.5cm and grow 5cm longer to allow for penetration. Post sex, our vagina returns to its original size and shape. Even if our partner is well endowned, it's unlikely that he'll ever stretch us.

This pleasure zone between our pubic bone and cervix is full of blood vessels and spongy tissue. When stimulated, the G-spot produces brain chemicals that block pain, not that there should be any, and induce pleasure. To find the right spot, insert one finger into our vagina and finger face the upward position. Press it. At first, the pressure may make us feel like we have to urinate, but wait 10 seconds - many women say intensely pleasurable sensations will quickly follow.

Did you know (shoot yourself if you don't):
. that if you press your fingertips on the outer skin of a kiwi fruit - that's what your G-spot feels like;
. that regular sex or masturbation tones the muscles around your vagina, intensifying orgasms and keeping your vaginal walls flexible, making sex more comfortable;
. that arousal triggers a natural lubrication, which coats the vagina, and protects the walls from irritation and infection;
. that baby oil, vaseline, lipstick and anti-fungal creams will rot condoms and shouldn't be used simultaneously;
. that urinating before and after sex flushes out the bacteria that can cause urinary-tract infections